The group of the Cycladic islands offers plenty of possibilities for a combination of great impressions, exploring new towns and traditional villages, changing landscapes and breathtaking views.
– Mykonos with its stunning white labyrinth town, the center of a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Enjoy your sunset cocktails in one of the beautiful Little Venice bars with a view to the windmills, dinner in a nice garden restaurant and afterward experience the famous nightlife. Relax on one of the sandy beaches and experience the crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea.
– Paros, where you can stroll through the lovely town of Parikia and taste the local fish and specialties in the pretty tavernas in the picturesque port of Naoussa. Explore the butterfly valley and Lefkes, once the capital town of the island. Swim and relax on the beautiful beaches such as Kolimbithres, Santa Maria and Golden beach where you also find the opportunity for water sports
– Naxos, the largest Cycladic island with its wild nature, traditional villages set in the mountains, archeological highlights like the Kouros statues and the Portara, traces of the Venetians like the Kastro area in town and the “Pirgi” towers in the center of the island. Many parts of Naxos are very green like the high plains of Tragea with about 20000 very old olive trees. Also, you can find beautiful sandy beaches, especially on the west coast, some organized with beach activities, others still remote and quiet.
– Santorini with its stunning views over the Aegean Sea and the famous caldera. Next to Mykonos Santorini is the most visited Cycladic island with countless breathtaking spots. Stroll through the picturesque alleys of Fira and Oia, enjoy a sunset drink accompanied by classical music with a view to the volcano, taste the traditional wine that is produced there using the benefits of the volcanic soil since thousands of years. Get refreshed in the sea at Kamari or Perissa beach known for the black volcanic sand.
– Syros, the capital island of the Cyclades with Ermoupolis, the capital town. There are many places of interest: Ermoupolis with its neoclassical buildings, one of them being the impressive town hall, Ano Syros is a medieval center of the Catholics, Dellagrazia with the mansions of the big shipping families. The island has a big shipping history and a lot of cultures to offer, but also beautiful landscapes and sandy beaches where you can relax and enjoy the local life.
– Tinos, the holy island, home to the most important church of Greece, the “Evangellistria” with its miraculous ikon “Megalochari”, visited by Greeks from all over the world every year. But Tinos has to offer more than that: beautiful changing landscapes, traditional villages, fertile plains and lemon groves, marble villages and marble artists, pigeon houses that originate from the Venetian times. Also here you find nice bays and beaches to swim and relax.
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