Tinos Island is only 45 minutes away. The gorgeous neighbour of Mykonos, being three times bigger, has a lot to offer:

- Tinos town and the most famous and important church of Greece, the Evangellistria, with its miraculous icon and magic atmosphere

- The women's monastery Kechrovouni, high up in the mounains, which is inhabited by 40 nuns

- The traditional village Volax, home to the basket makers

- The valley of the pigeon houses from the Venetian time

- Pirgos, the centre of the marble arts

- Continously changing scenery of landscapes, traditional villages and views over the Agean Sea and surrounding islands.


Please note that for the visit of the church and monastery there are strict clothing rules: sleeveless shirts and shorts are not permitted. Men must wear long trousers and women must wear skirts or trousers  that go below the knee.